PPC Partners: Admin Rights Request

  • Request for Local Administrative Rights

    In order to maintain a safe/stable computing environment while also reducing the likelihood of malicious software compromising PPC Partners BL systems and data, users are not allowed to have administrative rights on their computers. However, if there is a valid business case, users may request local administrative rights for a limited period of time.

    The requestor must read and acknowledge the following strictly prohibited activities:
    • Uninstallation or modifying the configuration of ANY PPC IT software (KACE, Trend Antivirus, etc.)
    • Violating the rights of any person or company protected by copyright, trade secret, patent or other intellectual property, or similar laws or regulations, including, but not limited to, the installation or distribution of "pirated" or other software products that are not appropriately licensed for use by PPC.
    • Exporting software, technical information, encryption software or technology, in violation of any import/export control laws.
    • Introduction of malicious programs into the network or server (e.g., viruses, worms, Trojan horses, e-mail bombs, etc.).
    • Revealing any account passwords or allowing the use of the account by others.
    • Effecting security breaches or disruptions of PPC network communication.
    • Executing any form of PPC network monitoring which will intercept data not intended for the employee's computer.
  • Administrative rights will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. The Branch Manager or Vice President will need to let IT know if any administrative rights should be revoked or removed.

  • Requesting Branch Manager or Vice President

  • Employee Requiring Admin Rights

If you need assistance, please contact IT support: servicedesk@ppcartnersinc.com | 833-531-4741